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Happy Boule' Eve!! Are you READY?!

It's the Eve of our Virtual International Grand Boule' 2020!!! Are you READY?!!

I am ready, and grateful to have the chance to reach out to you one more time before tomorrow! As an incumbent, I don't take your support or your vote lightly. To be absent from Social Media is to be present in doing the job you elected me to do. It is to be available during normal work hours, evenings and weekends to handle the business of the sorority and to provide my experience and expertise to the sisterhood. I pray that the work I've done speaks for itself, and that the Sisters that have needed me feel well served. Even in times, when everything around us has been CRAZY, with your help and your support we have remained consistent and stable in our approach to financial management and financial reporting. In these uncertain economic times, it is imperative to have leaders who are competent and consistent. In the last two years, I have committed my time, talent and treasure to the sisterhood as your fiscal officer, to fulfill my written obligations but also going above and beyond to meet your needs. I have kept my promises to be transparent and honest with you, and to lead with integrity! I am prepared to continue this journey with you as YOUR Tamias.

It is ZETA WORK, but I am relieved that I do not do this work alone, I do it with you and for you, and it would be my pleasure to continue serving you. You can continue to count on me with "Excellence and Experience that Counts, and I will count on your VOTE to Re-Elect me as your International Tamias! I truly wish that we were together to celebrate our Centennial, and to catch up in person. There is nothing like seeing and being with each other, but as we know, that's just not the case. I know this doesn't make up for not being in person, but please take a moment to watch the video message by clicking on the image below. This message is approved by the Campaign Committee to Re-Elect Soror Melissa Walton-Jones for International Tamias!

Stay Safe and Be Well, Sorors!

Vote to Re-ELECT in 2020!

Soror Melissa Walton-Jones, International Tamias

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

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Soror Melissa Walton-Jones, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

2020 Candidate for Re-Election: International Tamias