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It's Good Friday!

Today is indeed Good Friday!!! It's a Holy Day, it's Zeta Phi Beta's Incorporation Day, it's my 18th ZETAversary, and the National Candidate Guide for Boule' 2018 has been published!! Today is Good Friday!!! Inside the Candidate's Guide, you will find a brief personal statement in support of my candidacy for National Tamias. Here is more of what I wanted to say to the sisterhood!

This year, for me, marks sixteen years of domestic and international corporate accounting and internal audit experience, and I have another four years of bookkeeping and tax preparation experience gained while working my way through college. That's twenty years of relevant experience for this position. My ability to successfully manage large scale accounting, compliance, audit, and technology projects is of immeasurable value to the sisterhood. This is a time of celebration, now that IHQ has been rebuilt and restored to greater glory! This is also the time to focus our efforts and attention to the antiquated condition of our operational and financial infrastructure. I understand the sensitive nature and importance of financial transparency, accuracy, and timeliness in reporting. I can read, interpret, and produce financial statements in a thorough and professional manner. I can also read and interpret internal and external audit reports, findings, and opinions. I can also explain these things in a way that makes it easy for you to understand!

The skills I gained while serving as the Director of Accounting and Corporate Financial Controller for Not for Profit companies are severely needed in our sisterhood, now. Our next Tamias must be adequately skilled and competent in business operations, finance, accounting, and enterprise level technology, as well as integrated financial management and membership solutions. This type of skill set and experience comes from real-life, day to day application, not simply in understanding theory, or from indirect functions related to operational finance. We, Zeta's shareholders, must continue on the path of selecting a financial leader who has our ROI (Return on Investment) in mind. Someone who can take us further than before. Someone who has stayed ready, rather than someone who has to get ready!

Being a staff accountant fifteen years ago, doesn't say much about what the profession or our sisterhood needs today. Our next Tamias can't just "understand numbers", she has to be willing, able, and knowledgeable to provide leadership, standardization, and training in the financial life of the organization. That type of financial leadership requires a combination of skills and characteristics, that I have. It requires a financial leader, like me, to look down the road to find the financial options and make sound decisions needed for longer term goals that can set the course to re-connect our finances to our mission of being a "community-conscious, action-oriented organization."

The elevated demands of the Sisterhood have determined that Finer Finance is the order of the day. Fulfill those demands by electing a soror who is accountable and responsible, capable of guiding our sisterhood to financial sustainability beyond 2020, with honor and integrity. That soror is me! I am more than capable of being your National Tamias, one who leads us to financial accountability and success, starting on day one!

Sorors, I may not be the most qualified, but I am the BEST qualified, and you can count on me, because I have excellence and experience that counts! I look forward to seeing you in NOLA in July and earning your vote to become the next National Tamias!!

To support the efforts of the campaign, please consider making a campaign contribution. Your non-tax-deductible contribution to the Finer Finance Campaign will go to fund campaign activities such as literature, travel, and lodging on the campaign trail.

Please know that your personal gifts are greatly appreciated, but are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Use the "DONATE NOW" option OR send contributions via PayPal: paypal.me/finerfinance. #finerfinance #zetaroi #melissafortreasurer #melissaforzeta


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