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Greater Friday in the Great Lakes Region

A message to the Sorors of the Great Lakes Region...and everybody :)

Today, I am blogging from The 84th "Greater" Great Lakes Regional Leadership Conference in Dayton, Ohio! Thank you so much to my supporters, friends, and family who make it possible for me to travel to regions to share my campaign message. Since arriving on Thursday, my Pearlette, Dawsonne and I have received great hospitality and sisterly love from conference attendees. It has been my great pleasure to spend this time here. Many of you have recognized me, because I am no stranger in the region, having been present at the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 regional conferences. Many sorors I was initiated with, and those who came before me through Iota Gamma Chapter at Rust College, hail from the "Greater" Great Lakes Region and the State of Illinois!! Work kept me away in 2017, but this year makes 5 of the last six years with you, at your regional conference, and I am happy to be back with you this year!

I participated in the Candidates' Forum tonight and as you know, most often, Candidates only get 2 minutes to address a delegation. So, I wanted to share more of my plans with you and all the sorors reading. Additionally, I hope to continue engaging with you as I have. You have been exceptionally responsive and forthcoming about what is important to you. The Finer Finance Platform was designed with you in mind.

As an elected officer, I would be beholden to the SISTERHOOD. My commitment is to YOU; to provide support for the goals and objectives of the sorority; to engage the sisterhood and our auxiliaries by listening, understanding, and taking action on what is needed. I plan to accomplish this by using the Pillars of Finer Finance: Financial Resources, Financial Refinement, and Financial Reporting. These pillars, together will strengthen our overall financial management in five critical areas: planning, monitoring, operations, governance, and accountability.

1) Financial Resources is the commitment to provide knowledge and tools that empower women of Zeta, Amicae, and youth to take ownership of their finances, through financial literacy, which lays a solid financial foundation for generational wealth creation and building that will impact us individually and in our communities.

Key Deliverable(s):

  • Integration of financial reporting and membership management tools to establish seamless online dues payments and financial reporting for all levels of the organization.

  • Tamias and Tamias-Grammateus templates & training curriculum for all levels of the organization and auxiliaries.

  • Financial literacy programming for members of the organization and auxiliaries.

2) Financial Refinement is the commitment to provide a plan and platform to standardize and centralize financial oversight, controls, and accountability. ​Key Deliverable(s):

  • Standard Financial Handbook (SOP) for all levels of the organization.

3) Financial Reporting is the commitment to provide timely, accurate,and responsible reporting to the sisterhood.

​Key Deliverable(s):

  • Complete and timely financial reporting on all levels of the organization.

To be clear, my motivations for running for this office are simple, I want a prosperous, well informed, fiscally organized and sound Sisterhood; one that is sustainable and better positioned to grow and focus on our members, our communities, and our collective social commitment to be "community-conscious, action-oriented " members of the greater society. My job, if elected, is to make sure that happens, while working together with you to properly equip the next level of financial leaders on all levels of our sorority. Your job is to hold me accountable to that.

I look forward to seeing you in NOLA in July and earning your vote for National Treasurer. In the meantime, you'll be hearing from me! Find me on Facebook, and join me in the Finer Finance Group, a social community to continue our dialogue about the campaign and the Finer Finance Platform.

If you are not on social media, and would rather receive printed material, please be sure to register on my website with your mailing address. You can also find my full platform and other information about me there. www.finerfinance.org.

Sorors, I may not be from the largest region, with the most financial backing, but I am the BEST qualified, and you can count on me, because I have excellence and experience that counts! I look forward to seeing you in NOLA in July and earning your vote to become the next National Tamias!!

To support the efforts of the campaign, please consider making a campaign contribution. Your non-tax-deductible contribution to the Finer Finance Campaign will go to fund campaign activities such as literature, travel, and lodging on the campaign trail.

Please know that your personal gifts are greatly appreciated, but are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Use the "DONATE NOW" option OR send contributions via PayPal: paypal.me/finerfinance. #finerfinance #zetaroi #melissafortreasurer #melissaforzeta


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