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This week's Finer Woman in Finance is Jennifer Baxter! She became a member of our beloved Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in 2016 as a member of Beta Alpha Zeta Graduate Chapter in Jacksonville, FL. There she served as the Assistant Tamias prior to relocating to Europe. She currently resides in Brussels Belgium where she is a member of the Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Chapter of the Awesome Atlantic Region!!

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Wilmington College in Delaware and went on to get two advanced degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Masters in Business Administration with concentrations in Information Systems and Accounting from Keller Graduate School!

She currently serves as the Budget Officer for the Western Europe District of the Department of Defense Education Activity where she is responsible for the formulation and execution of the more than $20 million annual budget for the Department of Defense dependent schools in Belgium, portions of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. The budget she oversees provides funding to support the day-to-day operations of the schools attended by military children, US-NATO employees, and civil servants who are stationed in Western Europe. These schools, students, and their parents depend on her to ensure the schools are operating smoothly so that the children of our nation's finest can focus on receiving a quality education.

Jennifer takes great pride in the service she provides to our nation. Her career in government spans over 25 years, including active duty Air Force, civilian budgetary services to the US Army, National Guard Bureau Joint Staff, FBI, and US Marine Corps.

Thank you for your service Soror Jennifer Baxter, and thanks for Keeping it Finer in Finance!


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