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Finer Finance Presents: Finer Women in Finance!

Finer Finance is Shining a Spotlight on Finer Women who are

Accounting & Finance Professionals!

This week's Finer Woman in Finance is Soror Monique Purifoy-Rojas of Atlanta, GA. She hails from the "Second to None" - Southeastern Region, and is a member of the Rho Xi Zeta Chapter in Kennesaw, GA.

Soror Purifoy-Rojas graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and has a Masters in Business Administration from Troy University! She serves as a Financial Business Analyst where her responsibilities include overseeing the budgeting, forecasting, and analytics of her business unit’s operating and capital expenses. She is also a Superuser in the design, planning, and testing phases of a new procurement tool and new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System that her company will deploy soon!

​Finer Finance asked Monique why she feels what she does is important...

​In her words: "Having a solid Accounting/Finance team is important in just about any business or organization. My abilities of being a Finance pro allows an Operations or Sales team to focus on being creative and selling, while they can rest assure I am safeguarding our assets. Together we analyze risks and opportunities that can lead to a mutually beneficial growth and success."

THANK YOU Soror Purifoy-Rojas for being our first feature for Finer Women in Finance!!


The Finer Finance Campaign will be spotlighting women of Zeta in accounting and finance related fields. If you would like to be featured, please visit:



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