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Finer Finance Fridays #MWJ - It's Personal

This week's Finer Finance Friday blog post is brought to you by...the Letter "M" for Melissa, the Accountant, that's me :)

It occurred to me, that I may not have had the pleasure to meet you, and so you may not know a lot about me, other than what you see me do for the sorority. Some of you know me as Missy from my hometown Holly Springs or from when I went to school and became a Zeta at Rust College. Some of you know me from when I served as a congressional intern on Capitol Hill or from when I was a finance intern with Sprint Corporation. You may know me from when I relocated to Kansas City, in the early 2000s and was hired on full time in Sprint's Finance Division as an Internal Auditor. Or you just may know me from Zeta as a Basileus, or former member of the Board from when I served 2014-2016. You might even know me from what I love to do.... SING! I co-wrote and recorded our Historical Centennial Song, Finer Women (by the way, if you don't have it, you can get a copy of the CD here: Finer Women-Centennial Song.

What you may not know about me, is that I am and always have been an accountant. That's what I do in my professional life. I've spent the last fifteen years progressing in my career. Also during this time, I've developed various start-up companies and have owned a successful, regional award-winning, wedding and event planning company. I am currently a partner and Principal Accountant for my own small financial services firm, Premier Financial Solutions, where I had a record client year! I am an up and coming corporate finance executive for the largest pork consumer foods group company in the world (literally). I lead the Corporate Accounting Division in Governance, Risk, and Compliance, where I manage a staff of seven divisional accounting compliance managers and a host of consultants. I recently completed a multi-million dollar software implementation for domestic and international operations for internal controls over financial reporting, encompassing a quarter of the company's roughly 50,000 employees.

I have a solid fifteen years of demonstrated leadership experience, business acumen, and expertise in compliance, accounting, and finance in the not for profit sector and for profit global administrations and operations. Along with these fifteen years in the finance industry, I bring advanced degrees, industry certifications, and skills I have learned through real hands-on experience and from being taught and trained by some of the best-known trainers, coaches, and facilitators in the country. What has all this taught me, and how can I use what I have learned for Zeta?

When I come to the table, I bring my undying passion for Zeta and the NEED for her to be extraordinary, the need for her to be the innovative, community-conscious, action-oriented, global service organization of choice that we all know her to be. I can tell you that as a person with solid, professional finance and accounting experience, I have come to learn that being a financial leader is about more than the numbers. It's not about what we've done in the past, or even about what we are doing right now, it's about what we need in the future. What we need, moving forward, is a National Tamias who is willing, able, and knowledgeable to provide leadership in the financial life of the organization. That type of financial leadership requires a combination of skills and characteristics. I am up for the challenge! My goal is to be a GREAT Treasurer, operating in a spirit of Excellence and with integrity. Guided by what I call the Pillars of "Finer" Finance!

These Pillars require treasurers go beyond annual budgets, audits, and financial reports to bring financial leadership to the organization. Finer Finance requires financial leaders look down the road to find the financial options and decisions needed for longer term goals and initiate discussions to connect our finances to our mission of being a "community-conscious, action-oriented organization." Finer Finance demands that financial leadership isn't just about accounting anymore, it's about “guiding our sisterhood to financial sustainability" - MWJ

Continue to follow me on this journey, and you'll learn more about me and my plan for our sisterhood to become more sustainable, through Finer Finance.


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